What a week.

Wow, what a week it was with the folks from GIGA in London to launch RESET in the UK.  We are just coming down from the excitement here at Verdextra.  

Monday 6th March saw the announcement that the WELL Building Standard was now aligned with the RESET real-time air quality monitoring standards, ensuring seamless integration for those wanting to embed RESET into their health & wellbeing strategy. [Full press release here]

Monday evening saw the launch of RESET in the UK, with a full house at our host's ARUP.  A great evening of information and discussion, and we are proud to be partnering with GIGA to bring end-to-end RESET services to the UK and Europe.  The slides that Raefer Wallis presented are available on our website here.

Tuesday saw another critical press release, announcing that key, global institutions - including the BRE, IWBI and Australian GBC - would be collaborating to embed the RESET monitor standards into a number of international standards. [Full press release here]

Wednesday, of course, was health & wellbeing focus at EcoBuild, with the UK GBC hosting and chairing a number of key seminars.  

And Thursday saw our first cohort of RESET Accredited Solutions Providers (ASP) being trained.  A day of mind-stretching, brain-bending and learning all around. A day full of philosophy, science, technology and process!  Sign up to join us here, the next session is on 11 May. 

We made it to Friday, albeit a little frazzled, for meetings with some key real estate service providers who are keen to roll out RESET across their national platform in the UK. 

Thank you to everyone who joined us during the week, particularly our hosts ARUP,  and other collaborators too many to count.  Now to take a deep breath of clean air before tackling the rather lengthy To Do list we put together.  Join us on the journey by signing up to our newsletter here http://eepurl.com/cx5DN1 

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