Health & Air quality in action: 

RESET and Fitwel certifications provide a holistic solution for healthy buildings

As the RESET™ partners in Europe, and Fitwel ambassadors, Verdextra is currently engaged in a pilot project to plan, implement and certify a series of buildings for a global property company.  The combination of Fitwel and RESET certifications is the first of its kind in Europe and will provide the cornerstone in our clients’ strategy to provide best-in-class, healthy buildings for its occupants across the world.

Site - Europe (3 major cities)

Client - Private Client

Team lead - Philippa Gill, Head of Real Estate

Project Outline

Turning theory into practice


Client Testimonial

This will establish the first network of Fitwel- and RESET-certified buildings in Europe, providing unparalleled air quality data to all occupants of the buildings, as well as the first global outdoor air quality network shared publicly, in real-time. 

Our Client has made a commitment to the health, wellbeing and comfort of its occupiers and is rolling out a number of industry-leading frameworks and initiatives to support this.  RESET and Fitwel are just two of these and we are delighted to be working with them on the European implementation.

As a RESET Fellow and AP, our understanding of buildings' mechanical systems and operations are critical to ensuring the implementation of the air monitoring hardware meets both the certification criteria and the building occupiers' needs.  We have spent time getting to know the building, together with the on-site engineering team, in order to create the best solution for the properties. 

Our experience in the nuts and bolts of operating industry-leading real estate has also equipped with the ability to quickly assess projects’ operations for Fitwel certification.


"The team at Verdextra provide the combination of skills we need to support our commitment health & wellbeing in our buildings and development projects.  They understand how buildings work, on both an investment and mechanical level, which means we can trust the project management elements to them with the knowledge that they will protect our best interests and deliver the best results for each building.

 In particular, their leadership in the property health & wellbeing and RESET partnership  meant they were the obvious choice for this particular project.  They have been a pleasure to work with."

Director of Sustainability & Utilities


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