Health & Wellbeing

Medical evidence on the impact of our built environment on our health and happiness grows daily. How can we equip our buildings to protect and inspire us?


To answer this question, we need to step back from real estate into wider 21st Century trends and demographics.  Within this context, it is not surprising that people are beginning to question their work environments as much as their own, private parameters.  In a world where your every step and meal is now trackable, the question is perhaps ‘why would you not want to improve your workspace as much as your home?’ , not least because most of us spend more time at work than at home.

Putting people first

A confluence of factors has brought this theme to the real estate sector: increased scientific evidence, changing employee expectations and a new generation of workers who are increasingly health conscious.

To respond, real estate practitioners will need to deploy a similar combination of evidence and experience by integrating strategy and reporting across the business.  New, dynamic collaboration will be required between Human Resources, Building Designers, Facilities Management and Workplace specialists. 

Our services

Verdextra brings together senior level expertise in human resources, interior office design and health and wellbeing metrics.  

Our real estate team leader Philippa Gill, in addition to her real estate and sustainability experience, has also served as European Head of Human Resources and Operations for two global companies.  She is a RESET Fellow, Fitwel Ambassador and WELL AP.

Certification Schemes

Verdextra has a number of strong partnerships with global health & wellbeing certification schemes.  We are the UK partners for RESET (part of GIGA), Fitwel Ambassadors and WELL AP qualified.  However, certification may not be suitable for all projects and we are also working on demanding health & wellbeing strategies that do not include certification. 

RESET™ Air Certification

RESET™ (part of GIGA) is currently the only internationally-recognised air quality certification scheme.  As the Uk partner for RESET, we offer a wide range of services: click here for more information

Fitwel Certification system* 

Fitwel’s strategies are applicable and impactful in existing buildings. It can also be used as a roadmap for the design of new construction facilities. See for more.

WELL Building Standard™

The WELL Building Standard is a new framework and certification scheme for the built environment. To learn more about WELL, please visit their website here.

In addition to a WELL AP, Verdextra is proud to have a member of the WELL Faculty within the real estate team. 

For more information about our health & wellbeing services, please contact us here


*The Fitwel service marks (word and logos) are owned by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in the United States. Participation by the Center for Active Design and/or any other organization does not imply endorsement by HHS.

The WELL AP™ trademark is used with permission from the International WELL Building Institute™.