A holistic approach to sustainable, efficient & happy places.



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“We offer specialist services across the real estate and finance markets, combining our industry expertise to drive efficiency and reduce impact and cost across our clients' businesses.”

Our integrated approach focuses on delivering efficiencies within our clients’ businesses in order to maximise returns and lower operating costs. We work across all parts of the business to ensure synergies are identified at all stages. 

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Our sector expertise includes Real Estate, Banking and Telecommunications across Western Europe, South America and the UK. We are able to offer services in English, Spanish and French.

Verdextra is working closely with RESET™ to bring empirical data to health & wellbeing projects, using real-time monitoring to inform the drive for healthier spaces.

We bring a nimble, fresh approach to our clients and are driven by a passion for efficiency, believing strongly that organisations can leverage lean operations to enhance returns, whilst maintaining both quality and reputation.