The first step in tackling air pollution, whether indoor or outdoor, is to know the source and scale of the problem. An air quality monitor is a critical part of this puzzle, helping us to identify and quantify the air pollution and where it may be coming from. Only then can we make informed decisions about how to improve the air around us.

Verdextra offers a range of air quality services, from supply of hardware only through to fully-integrated health & wellbeing solutions. We help our Clients navigate through the myriad choices to provide tailored solutions for each scenario.

We are also able to source and provide a range of air quality monitors . It is our policy only to recommend hardware which has been accredited by RESET, which reassures us and our clients that the monitors are reliable, accurate and robust. We have a long-standing partnership with RESET and have prepared and certified a number of projects around the world under the framework (learn more here).

All indoor air quality monitors measure at least the following parameters, and some offer more:

  • Particulate Matter, PM2.5

  • Carbon Dioxide, CO2

  • Volatile Organic Compounds, VOCs

  • Temperature

  • Relative Humidity

Following the announcement of our partnership with Awair in September 2019, we are also delighted to offer the Awair Omni (for enterprise solutions) for direct sale.

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