Operations & Finance

Verdextra’s experience in business operations is derived from many years within the private equity real estate, banking and telecommunications sectors.  We have both client-side and consultancy experience with some of the leading investment houses and ‘Big 4’ consultancies.

We offer a range of business consultancy services, many of which can be seamlessly tied into with our finance and sustainability services.

Client Representation

Within the range of our wider services, Verdextra can offer to represent our clients on specific projects.  For example, when negotiating new contracts, consolidating suppliers or managing complex projects.

Financial Operations

Verdextra has broad operational experience across real estate and wider sectors, particularly at the junction of operations and finance. 

In particular, we are able to develop tailored risk profiles and the associated control tools, including internal control  mechanisms, risk management and data integrity.

We also offer integrated sustainability risk assessment services. 

Property Lease Administration

Accurate lease and income data is vital for valuations, sale & acquisitions as well as every day asset management decision-making. We have extensive experience with lease administration processes, and can offer a robust lease data compilation, management and reporting service.  This includes lease tracking, critical date monitoring and reporting in order to ensure accurate and timely information for our clients.   

Process Configuration

Verdextra can provide end-to-end process engineering, whether driven by M&A activity or efficiency measures.  We provide all stages from initial assessment through to stakeholder management, process and controls design and training & monitoring.

Projects have included the re-design of a cash management process, pan-European lease administration process and post acquisition reconfiguration for a global telecommunications company.

Data & Reporting

We have significant experience in providing Business Intelligence services across numerous industries. Acting as the critical liaison between our clients and the software company, we ensure that the final installation and roll out meets the ultimate criteria of the client.  Depending on the size and complexity of the project, we may partner with a trusted contractor.

Combined with our experience as Business Analysts, we have client-side knowledge of custom software development.  For example, the creation of a custom service charge reconciliation tool for a pan-European real estate platform, and a lease administration dashboard tool for asset managers.

Systems Advice

Data integrity remains one of the key challenges for developing businesses, whether it is energy and consumption data or rental income.  Verdextra can advise on appropriate systems and reporting structures to ensure relevant, timely information is delivered across the business. We offer an agnostic approach, choosing the right solution for each, individual client. 

We also offer data validation services, often during a software change or upgrade process.