For Verdextra, sustainability is driven by the same foundation of efficiency as with other key business drivers.  Our services address both organisational and individual building strategies and can be integrated with other financial, asset management and operational services.  We have worked on global reporting strategies, company-wide long term sustainability plans and asset upgrade plans across Europe and beyond.  


Whether starting from scratch or wanting to enhance existing plans, Verdextra offers sensible strategic advice based on significant client-side experience within the real estate sector.  All of our strategic advice is based on operational experience, bringing a strong focus on measurable, practical solutions.

Reporting & GRESB

Separate sustainability report, or integrated? Join the DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainability Index) or not?  The world of sustainability reporting is changing rapidly, and the preparation of these reports can be onerous.  Verdextra can help lead you through the minefield to ensure meaningful and efficient reporting.

Verdextra is a GRESB Partner and have substantial experience managing GRESB reporting and strategy, as well as a close working relationship with the GRESB team. 

Technology & Big Data

Buildings themselves are fast joining the internet of things, and soon it will be normal for them to be completely ‘wired up’.  However, the pitfalls of smart-metering technology and software selection can be costly in many ways.  Verdextra offers strategic support at the critical stages of selection, testing, implementation and training across this complex process.

From our experience gained within the operations of private equity real estate, we have a strong background in technical solutions for portfolio consumption ,management, consumption reduction and reporting.

Whether at individual building level, or across a whole portfolio, Verdextra specialises in integrated solutions which draw on its experience across the property, finance and operational cycles.  Our project management strategy is thus able to focus on anything from a whole building refurbishment to a fund-wide strategy for carbon and expenses reduction.

Impact Reduction